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Boston & Suffolk Criminal Attorney


Our team of prominent Boston criminal defense attorneys has ample experience handling misdemeanor cases of all types. Examples of misdemeanor charges in the state of Massachusetts include but are not limited to:

The list of misdemeanors is truly endless. In the state of Massachusetts, misdemeanors carry a variety of consequences that can include sentences of up to 2.5 years in jail. Even if a sentence does not include jail time, it is important for clients to note that a misdemeanor conviction does become a matter of public criminal record. This criminal record could result in the loss of educational opportunities and the loss of future employment, especially for juvenile defendants.

No matter what type of misdemeanor you are facing, you need a skilled Boston criminal defense attorney to represent you to receive as little punishment as possible at trial, and perhaps no trial at all. It is not uncommon for an experienced Boston criminal defense attorney to get a client’s case dismissed before a judge is even appointed.

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