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Weapons Charges

Our leading Boston criminal defense attorneys know full well that getting convicted of an illegal weapons charge in the state of Massachusetts results in dire consequences.

Massachusetts has very strict weapons laws. These illegal weapons include but are not limited to:

The list goes on and on. Weapons charges involving firearms are especially serious. If you are found in possession of an illegal firearm without a license in the state of Massachusetts, you will land yourself in jail for a minimum of 18 months and lose your right to carry a firearm in the future. This is a hefty sentence for anyone, especially if you have work and family obligations.

Our Boston Criminal Attorney Will Question Law Enforcement Code of Conduct

In order to convict an individual on a weapons charge, the law enforcement officers involved must have followed a very specific code of conduct. The law protects its citizens against unlawful seizures of property, including weapons. Fighting an illegal weapons charge means that your Boston criminal defense attorney must be completely knowledgeable and well versed in Massachusetts’ very stringent weapons laws.

Your Boston criminal defense attorney will work with the courts on your behalf to receive the least amount of punishment possible. Contact us immediately for a consultation about your case today.