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Violent Crime

Our team of Boston criminal defense attorneys has ample experience representing clients accused of violent crimes.

Violent crimes are committed in all criminal categories and can vary in severity from misdemeanors to felonies. Our Boston criminal defense attorneys can help you fight the charges for:

The state of Massachusetts treats violent crimes with an iron fist. However, the state laws regarding violent crimes are dense and complicated. Oftentimes, our clients may not understand why they merited a particular charge or a combination of charges.

For instance, if a client has gotten into a fight at a bar where he or she used a chair as a weapon, that client can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The average citizen does not view a chair as a dangerous weapon, but the state of Massachusetts has designed the laws in such terms that this chair could add years of jail time to a sentence.

Prevent Drastic Consequences with the Help of a Boston Criminal Lawyer

The severity of sustained injuries, the occurrence of threats, witness testimony (which can be completely false), as well as numerous other factors can and will be used by the prosecution to put you or your loved one in jail.

Our team of Boston criminal defense attorneys will treat your case with the urgency and care that it deserves. Contact us today for your consultation regarding your criminal case.