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White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are defined as any crime involving corporate or government officials typically of a nonviolent nature. Recent news reports regarding high profile white collar crime cases have increased the consciousness of law enforcement and the American people about such criminal acts. If you or your loved one are in the Boston area and have been accused of a white collar crime, it is absolutely critical that you contact a Boston criminal defense attorney immediately.

White collar crimes can include:

Our Boston Criminal Attorney Can Handle The Complex Legislation Process

Oftentimes there are numerous individuals involved in a single white collar crime. If this is your case, you may or may not have even been privy to the fact that your actions were a crime. Corporate CEOs or greedy businessman may try to fault you, the little guy, for something you were completely unaware of. In some cases, a white collar crime will include multiple businesses or schemes across state or even national lines. You will need a knowledgeable Boston criminal defense attorney to navigate the dense and complicated legislation and trial process that comes along with a white collar crime.

The penalties and consequences of being convicted of a white collar crime are astronomical in nature. Jail time, million dollar fines, government possession of funds, audits, lost assets, and loss of professional reputation can all result from a white collar crime. Your Boston criminal defense attorney will fight on your behalf and get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation regarding the next steps of your case.