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Case Sensitive


Our team of Boston criminal defense attorneys knows exactly how to handle your robbery case.

By legal definition, robbery is any crime where an individual takes an item away from another person, forcibly or under the threat of force. Because this definition is fairly broad, a robbery charge can encompass a number of different crimes including:

Each offense has its own set of legal consequences. Your Boston criminal defense attorney will help you understand your specific charges according to the details of your criminal case.

A conviction for armed robbery for instance will often lead to time served in jail. However, it is critical to the prosecution’s case to convince the court that the defendant was indeed the robber and had the intent to actually commit the act of robbery. A skilled Boston criminal defense attorney will evaluate all of the evidence of the case (or lack thereof) to ensure that the defendant is treated fairly under the law. Remember that as a defendant, you or your loved one has rights.

The legislation regarding a specific act of robbery is often dense and complicated. Our team of Boston criminal defense attorneys will take you step by step through your case to help you understand all of your charges at every point during the proceedings. Contact us today to schedule your consultation regarding your criminal case.