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Probation Violations

Probation violations are common amongst offenders, especially first offenders. One of our Boston criminal defense attorneys can quickly review your case, probation sentence, and assist you with explaining to the court why you may or may not have violated your probation.

If you violated any of the following requirements, you may have violated your probation:

Obviously, violating some of these probation requirements does not necessarily mean that you were involved in criminal activity. If a client has a family with young children for instance and one of those children gets sick, this could cause the client to miss a meeting with their probation officer. Not exactly a high profile crime, but it is still a probation violation. An experienced Boston criminal defense attorney will negotiate with the court on your behalf.

Following a probation violation, a hearing will be scheduled to determine if the defendant merits more punishment. Being convicted of a probation violation could result in a period of jail time, lengthened probation, community service, and other consequences. Our Boston criminal attorneys have ample experience working with the prosecution and the court system to get the fairest sentences possible for our clients.

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